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What are screen prints?

Screen printed transfers are screen-prints onto release paper, with the inks subsequently transferred onto the destination textile, plastic, or non-woven fabric when hot. The application of the transfer is carried out with a heat-press which maintains the correct temperature for the transfer.

Are screen print transfers permanent?

If properly applied, the adhesion is permanent.

Do I need a commercial heat press?

It is highly recommended that you use a commercial grade heat press for our transfers. Many have asked about the Cricut Easy Press and some of you have been successful with using this product, but it is not recommended. Unfortunately, the Cricut Easy Press just isn't designed to apply the exact same pressure evenly over the transfer in the way that commercial grade heat presses do. Please know that if you choose to use the Cricut Easy Press (or similar) you do run the risk of not having a quality finished product. A home iron WILL NOT work.

I'm experiencing pressing difficulties, what am I doing wrong?

It is important to know that our full color clear film transfers instructions recommend pressing at 300 degrees for 10 seconds. Our single color screen print transfers instructions recommend pressing at 325 degrees for 7 seconds. This is a guideline and a starting point. If you are experiencing cracking or lifting, then I suggest increasing time by 3-4 second increments first before increasing your temperature. But, please start with small increments. Do not go straight to 350 degrees for 30 seconds as this could be drastic for your press and you could end up scorching your transfer and/or shirt. Start small.

Why is my transfer sticking to the garment?

Our screen print transfers have to be peeled HOT. Not warm, not cold. This means you need to peel the paper immediately after you are finished pressing. If the paper resists being easily peeled, do not force it. This is a sign of 3 things - 1. Not enough pressure 2. Not enough time 3. Not enough heat. Try increasing your pressure first. If this is not the issue, try repressing your garment for another 7-10 seconds and try to peel again. If it is still not easily peeling, take the garment out of the press, adjust your press up 10 degrees, wait for it to heat back up and try again. It will not hurt your finished product to let the paper and transfer remain on the garment until your press is ready to use. Also keep in mind, with every press, your heat press may lose about 10-25 degrees and will need a few minutes to heat back up prior to pressing another garment.